I am interested in bringing robots into the real world in ways that benefit social infrastructure. I have spent recent years focused on autonomous driving, but I have research experience helping robots fly, drive, and swim without hitting things.


  • Staff Software Engineer, Planning (2021 - Present)

I am currently at Waymo, working to make driving safer, smoother, and smarter with machine learning.


  • Tech Lead Manager / Staff Software Engineer, Motion Planning (2020 - 2021)
  • Tech Lead, Motion Planning (2019 - 2020)
  • Software Engineer, Planning (2018 - 2019)
Some cool stuff

At Nuro, I led the team responsible for conceptualization, validation, and deployment of new features and architectures for decision making, trajectory optimization, and simulated agent behavior. I set technical direction and ensured cross-functional alignment to scale up the team and achieve major milestones.

Our team’s work helped demonstrate our robot, R2’s, ability to operate autonomously without a driver nor an operator in a chase-car in Arizona, California, and Texas.

We also helped perform contactless deliveries for temporary COVID-19 hospitals and offer autonomous pizza deliveries to real Dominos' customers.

X, the moonshot factory


At X, I worked on the planning team to develop numerical optimization algorithms and C++ software for a self-driving passenger car. The initiative later spun out into Waymo, an independent Alphabet subsidiary.

PhD research

Some cool stuff
  • Received John A. Goff Award, the highest academic award for UPenn PhD students in MechE chosen on “scholarship, resourcefulness, and leadership”
  • Received Outstanding Teaching Assistant award, chosen on “initiative, reliability, commitment to the students, and overall contribution to the teaching mission”
  • Received National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (NSF GRFP)

My research spanned the intersecting areas of trajectory optimization, controls, and multi-robot cooperation, focusing on two themes:

  1. Planning fast, agile, dynamic maneuvers while maintaining safety properties
  2. Experimental validation on real robot platforms

My dissertation, “Control, planning, and coordination for dynamic aerial manipulation with robot teams”, is available here.

Undergrad research